Mathematics Colloquium with Mas Nur Cholis (Alumnus '92)

by | Oct 30, 2018

Mathematics Colloquium on  October 2018 was organized by Dept. of Mathematics with Nur Cholis, S.Si. as the sepaker who is the almunus of Math UNDIP 1992. Mas Nur Cholis, his intimate name, spoke in this event about the development of the mathematics application in industrial areas from classical industry era (1.0). industry 2.0, era 3.0 to the latest industry era 4.0.
He has emphasized in his speech that Mathematical Science is very applicable in industry 4.0 because of there are so many innovations have been developed with mathematics as the foundation. For that purpose, he has motivated all students to develop their knowledge in order to adapt with the newest technology and to be able to make some new innovations in the future.