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Mathematics for Bachelor degree

Accredited  as A

SK BAN-PT No. 934/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/S/IV/2019

Final award : Sarjana Matematika (S.Mat) – Bachelor of Science Equivalent
Equivalent Level to Indonesian National Qualification Framework : Level 6 KKNI
Educational purpose: Provides students an opportunity to develop their knowledge, skill, personality, etc.
Content of the courses: Analytic, Algebra, Statistics, Applied Computational and Mathematics.
Graduate profile: Consultant, Researcher, Lecturer.
Graduate competence:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding in mathematics. Show proficiency in collecting, assessing, analyzing and synthesizing information related to mathematics and other sources. Work with caution, competence and effective. Demonstrate proficient in designing, executing, monitoring and evaluation the outcome of a project both individually or in a group.
  2. Work in a team to implement their skill: 1) written, oral and visual communication 2) time management 3) project planning 4) numeric analysis and information technology.

Learning method and assessment
Tutorials, Student center learning (SCL) and assessment through mid-term, final test, portofolio, etc.
Program structure and requirements
Total credits : 144
Semester : 8 until 14
Full time students
Based on the standard content of BNSP 2010.
Students facilities
ILS (Information and Learning Service): IT, library, media,e-learning, foreign language training in the university language training, IT training, consultation, etc.
Admission policy, criteria and procedure
Students candidate through SBMPTN PPA Undip must be from science concentration in high school meanwhile for other selection test could be from science/social and language concentrations.